Training & Teaching


With a background in both data science and biology I am well aware of the importance of good programming and data skills for successful biological studies. As such, I am actively engaged in training the community through learned society-sponsored training events.

Currently, I deliver two Python for Beginners and Bioimage Analysis in Python in person; however, I (and my colleagues) are working hard to make these resources openly available on-line as well.

Find out about in-person training opportunities below.

If you’re interested in organising a training course where you work, please contact me.


My teaching interests focus on the development and delivery of resources that enable student-directed learning of programming languages and data skills.

Teaching at the University of Glasgow

My undergraduate teaching at the University of Glasgow has included:

  • the development of new Python learning materials for student-directed learning,
  • research lectures on the Frontiers of Physics, where students are exposed to current research at the university;
  • and the development of a new practical experiments looking at polarisation and saccharimetry.


Here are links to a few resources that I’ve put together as part of my teaching duties.

  • Slides and samples codes for my talk to engineering and computing sciences PhD students: Harry Plotter and the Multiple Visualisation Softwares can be found on my GitHub account here.

In-person Training Opportunities


Programming for Biologists

Second intensive 1-day course for biologists new to python.

Programming for Biologists

First intensive 1-day course for biologists new to python.