3D Segmentation Techniques

Using active meshes and level set methods for improved 3D segmentation. [Read more...](/project/3d-segmentation/index.html)

Neuronal Graphs

Using graph theory and network science to understand the brain. [Read more...](/project/neuronal-graphs/index.html)

Automated Nuclei Detection

Using mathematical techniques to automatically detect and quantify nuclei in 2D and 3D bioimaging data. [Read more...](/project/nuclei-detection/index.html)

Object-based Colocalisation

Using object-based colocalisation to quantify the interactions between protein structures in cellular biology. [Read more...](/project/object-based-colocalisation/index.html)

Quantiative Calcium Imaging

Investigating volumetric and computational imaging approaches for accurately measuring calcium signals between neurons. [Read more...](/project/quantitative-calcium-imaging/index.html)

Retinal Vessel Enhancement

Using mathematical approaches to enhance images for improved vessel extraction. [Read more...](/project/retinal-image-enhancement/index.html)