Policy Engagement

Research drives forward society. Whether it’s the study of blue skies problems, the development of new technologies or understanding the social impacts on health and well-being. It is important that policy makers are aware of the current evidence available, of its meaning and its shortcomings. As such, I actively try to engage with policy makers at a range of levels.

As a PhD student I interned at the BBSRC on their Strategic Review of Bioimaging (see also here). And I am also engaging with national policy makers through my work with the Royal Society of Biology in Scotland and other learned societies (see below).

Public Engagement and Outreach

Public engagement is a really important part of modern science - much of which is funded by tax-payers and public donations. As such, I am regularly involved in public lectures and events such as Cafe Scientifique meetings. I have also helped out in the organising of such events, including Pint of Science Glasgow.

Recent and up-coming meetings include:

Involvement with Learned Societies

Learned societies provide a strong conduit for public and policy engagement as well as bringing scientific communities together. I am a member of three learned communities: the Royal Society of Biology, the Royal Microscopical Society and the Institute of Physics.

Further, I am an Ordinary Member on the committee for the Royal Society of Biology in Scotland, where I have begun to work closely with the policy committee on several projects.